Our Campaign module allows you to reach out to your customers after you've started servicing them via email and SMS to generate reviews for your Agency.

Before sending out any emails, take some time to customise your Campaign. This will help convert more customers into reviewers.

Creating a Campaign in Rainmaker is a quick but robust 4 step process.


In this step, you will define the key campaign information.

  1. Navigate to Campaigns on the left hand navigation bar
  2. Click Add new
  3. Type in a Campaign Name e.g. “Landlord Clients Campaign 1 (Mar 2019)”
  4. Select Reviewer Type based on who the target audience is for this campaign
  5. Type a brief Campaign Description
  6. Choose the Agent from the drop down box that will display as the Email Signatory on the Campaign email sent out
  7. Click Save


In this step, you'll choose the specific review sites (from those sites added at the Agency level) for inclusion in the Campaign as well as the priority level which impacts their prominence in the Reviewer user experience. For example, you would not include realestate.com.au in a landlord campaign as it's currently only for Sellers and Buyers. 

  1. Click Add Review Site and choose the Review Site(s) you would like included for the Campaign from the drop down box. (Note: Review site options come from your Agency Review Site selections which must be configured prior to creating a Campaign)
  2. Hover your mouse over a Review Site row and drag and drop to change the review sites order of priority with the primary Review Site in position 1. Note: You can delete a Review Site from the list by clicking the red garbage can icon.
  3. Click Continue 


In this step, you will define the elements as well as the body text of the email template for the specific Campaign.

Note: You can preview the email template using the Preview Screen on the right hand side. Changes are reflected in the Preview Screen when you click Update.

  1. Select the relevant Email Template from the drop down box based on your target audience e.g. landlord, tenant, vendor, buyer or other. This changes the text in the email subject, body text and Review button.

Note: The default Email Template selected is based on the Reviewer Type selected in Step 1.

2. You can then edit the following elements of the Email Template:

  • Email Sender Name: Default is your chosen Email Signatory's name but you should consider if using your Agency's name would generate higher open rates
  • Email Subject: Default is "[first_name], your opinion matters to us"
  • Body Text/HTML
  • Review Button Text: Default is "REVIEW US NOW!"

Note: Templates are generic in nature and should be modified to reflect the specifics of your Campaign and your tone of voice

3. Click Update to save and view a Preview of the latest Email Template


In this step, you will be provided 2 options to upload your Reviewer(s) Database for the Campaign:

1) Add Reviewers 1-by-1:

  1. Navigate to the Reviewers tab
  2. Click Add New Reviewer
  3. Enter the Reviewer's details:
  • First Name (mandatory)
  • Last Name
  • Email Address (mandatory)
  • Mobile Number
  • CRM ID (The customer’s Contact ID in your CRM system to cross index later)

4. Click Yes if the person has given you permission to email them (mandatory)
 5. Click Save

2) Import a CSV File to Bulk Upload:

  1. Navigate to the Reviewers tab
  2. Click CSV Import
  3. Click Choose File and search your device for your pre-prepared list. Note: You must use a CSV file with the same syntax as below including the exact column name spellings:
  • first_name e.g. "Adam"
  • last_name e.g. "Lee"
  • email_address e.g. "adamlee321@gmail.com"
  • mobile_number e.g. "0421445050"
  • contact_consent e.g. "Yes" or "Y" or "No" or "N"
  • external_crm e.g. "45353"

4. Click Parse CSV
 5. Click Import data
 6. Navigate to the Draft tab and check that your customer list has uploaded correctly

You are now ready to Push a Campaign Live!

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