The Agency section can be found on the left hand nav bar. This is where you can add, edit and delete your:

  1. Agency Details
  2. Agency Branding
  3. Review Sites


  1. Navigate to Agency on the left hand nav bar
  2. Make sure the Agency Details tab is highlighted blue
  3. Enter as much information as possible about your agency including the following mandatory fields to complete your Agency profile:
  • Agency Trading Name - the business name you trade under publicly
  • ABN
  • Address - this is the location of your physical office
  • Agree to agree to our Terms & conditions and Privacy policy

Note: If you notice that some details about your Agency are outdated or incorrect, you can make changes on your profile very easily in Edit more.

4. Click Save or Update


Your Agency branding is an important part of your Rainmaker account. It will impact the look and feel of your email templates and end user web pages.

Your Agency logo is the centrepiece of the end user experience. In addition to the Agency logo, you will also be able to edit the font type and background colour that accompanies your logo image

To add or edit your Agency logo image

  1. Navigate to the Agency Branding tab in the Agency section
  2. Click on the image below the title "Agency Logo"
  3. Click Choose File
  4. Select the logo image file from your computer and click Open
  5. Use the cropping tool to select the area of the image you wish to capture and display as your logo image (remove any whitespace)
  6. Click Save.

To add or edit your Agency colour scheme

You can use different colours for the following elements:

  • Logo Background Colour - this is the colour that sits behind the horizontal header block behind your logo
  • Page Background Colour - this is the colour that surrounds the white area of the Feedback Form
  • Button Colour - this is the colour of the button and progress bar displayed in the end user process and email templates

There are 2 ways to customise your colour scheme:

  1. Type in the HEX Colour Code into the box which automatically updates the colour preview displayed on the right hand side of the box e.g. #FFF343
  2. Click on the colour pallete widget on the right hand side of the box to choose colours that complement or match your branding.
  3. Click Save to view the changes in the Preview window on the right hand side of the page.

To select your Agency font type

  1. Click on the drop down box under the Font Type heading
  2. Click on your desired font type
  3. Click Save to view the changes in the Preview window on the right hand side of the page

NOTE: Arial is the default font type if no Font Type is selected


In this step, you'll choose the specific review sites for inclusion on your Agency's Review Site Panel as well as the priority level which impacts their prominence in the Reviewer user experience.

For example, Google may be your primary review site but you may wish to include Facebook and for those people without a Google account. Click here for help on How to Select Your Review Site Panel.

Perform the following for each Review Site you would like to add to your panel

  1. Navigate to the Review Sites tab in the Agency Section
  2. Click Add Review Site
  3. Select the Review Site you would like to add from the drop down box.
  4. Once you've selected the Review Site, copy and paste the site's Review Page Direct Link URL into the Review Page box. Note: To find the Review Page Direct Link URL, follow step 4 in the following articles:

5. Click Save (your new site will now appear in your Agency Review Sites Panel)
 6. Test the link is working by clicking on green icon which opens up in a new tab

7. Click the Review Site you'd like to prioritise and drag it to the top #1 position

Note: You can delete a Review Site from the list by clicking the red garbage can icon.

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