When building a review base for your agency, you need to keep in mind that you can't always avoid negative reviews. However, there is a lot you can do if you do receive a negative review.

It's important to Reply to negative reviews on a basic level publicly, if possible. It may be the case that you will try to come to a resolution privately, but customers want to see that you are addressing criticisms that you receive.

How you respond to a negative review shows potential customers the quality of your customer service. Even if a reviewer is being unreasonable, customers will be able to see that you've put in effort regardless.

If a negative review has come up because of a misunderstanding or another issue that is easily fixed, you can help turn the negative into a positive. If a reviewer is happy with a resolution, they are often happy to post an updated review and rating.

Here are a few tips to help you respond to negative reviews:

  1. Don’t let anger drive you: Negative reviews can be discouraging and can provoke anger, but never let that bout of anger ruin the reputation of your business. Collect your thoughts, think about a resolution and be polite and helpful while responding to negative reviews. If bad reviews are posted on a public website, any denial or accusation can probably do irreparable harm to your online reputation.
  2. Acknowledge: This can sound a bit hard but acknowledging the issue can change things for your business. The last thing customers want is to argue and start a blame-game
  3. Solve the problem: Offer a practical resolution to your customers and fill the gaps which led to the issues. Take the conversation offline, listen to your customer and decide on the best resolution. Do follow-up with your customers and see if they are happy with the resolution.
  4. Build a bond: A negative review is your chance to build a strong relationship with the customer. Customers always appreciate a personalized response from a human, instead of an automated sorry message from a bot.
  5. Gain Insights: Every negative feedback is an opportunity for you to look back and plug the loopholes in the system. Successful businesses always use bad reviews to improve their services and climb the growth ladder.
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