Raise prepares your startup to raise investment with an automated cap table, electronic share certificates and a valuation for your company and technology. We do this by providing digital tools that simplify the fundraising process for startups and their investors.

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What can I do with Raise?

If you are a technology startup you can use Raise to:

  • Use a valuation for your next round: Track and create a data-driven pre-money valuation for your startup that you can use to send to your existing and future investors. Creating valuations for startups are usually really difficult (blog link).

  • Forever fix your cap table issues: Automatically enter your cap table data in an easy step-by-step process and never worry about errors, manual formulas and wrong data entries ever again. It‚Äôs important to maintain clear and clean cap table data. (blog link).

  • Connect your stakeholders 24/7: Give your shareholders the power of transparency by allowing them to easily and securely view their investment data 24/7. Transparency for your stakeholders is important. (blog link).

  • Predict your new percentages and convertibles at your next fundraise: Use powerful tools to model out your next fundraise and get a clear sense of how much percentage your company may be issuing to convertible holders. Scenarios are difficult, Raise simplifies them. (blog link).

  • Issue digital share and convertible certificates: Issue secure digital certificates to existing and new investors and reduce paperwork, costs and speed up you fundraising round.¬†

  • Build a team and protect your data: ¬†On Raise, you can add your team of founders, lawyers and board members to manage and protect your company‚Äôs capitalization data. Customize permission levels for your team to view, edit and administer the account.

Who uses Raise?

  • Startups who are ever thinking of raising money to grow their product and team and want to be prepared to streamline the investment process;

  • Founders looking to figure out ¬†percentage ownership for themselves, investors and their employees;

  • Investors browsing for new investment opportunities and transparent data sets.

  • Law firms tired of managing their clients through paper and tedious emails. Raise streamlines the workflow and makes it easier to manage your clients.¬†

  • Employees with stock options so they can track those options and view documents.

What sets Raise apart?

Unlike a mix of solutions in this space, Raise is focused on helping startups in the African tech ecosystem prepare for their fundraise. We do this an easy to use platform that automates capital raising rules and regulations throughout African countries, and building valuations that are in line with market realities in this space.

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