Welcome to Raise and congratulations 🎊 - you're on your way to organizing your cap table and getting your company verified. A large part of the features depends on your company's cap table and the data around that.

Getting verified is setting up your cap table successfully on Raise.

Once verified, you'll have access to unlock new features that simplify your fundraising journey, like running fundraising simulations and building a deal room 💰.

Video walkthrough: Verifying Your Company!

In this short video, our CEO walks through how to onboard a company and get it verified. Enjoy!

What will I need to get onboarded?

To get started, you'll need the following:

  1. Incorporation certificate;
  2. Copy of your cap table;
  3. Emails for the following people - (1) founders, (2) shareholders, (3) convertible holders.

Onboarding in three simple steps

At any time, you can navigate to "Company" in your sidebar and click on "Overview", that's where you'll Submit your Company for Review.

Step 1: Building your profile 😀

Once you've signed up to the Raise platform, you'll see your overview and be able to build out your company profile - including your logo, incorporation data and contact details.

Step 2: Setting up your cap table ➗

An accurate cap table makes it easier to understand exactly how the percentage ownership of each shareholder in the company will change after you've raised money. It's important to take the time to build it properly on the Raise platform, and our team is available at any time to help out - either in the Messenger in the bottom right of the screen, or at community@getraise.io.

You can set up your cap table by navigating to the "Ownership" tab, where you'll see "Set Up Cap Table". In here, you'll upload three sets of data:

Share Classes - these will be the different share classes in the company. For example, as a founder, you'll have common shares in the company. Set the details of each of those classes here, this could include preferred shares and even stock option plans.

Shareholders - these are the names and emails of each of the shareholders that own pieces of the share classes. If you don't have their email handy, feel free to put a temporary email in. For example, if my company is called Black Star and I may not have my shareholders email, so I can put in shareholder1@blackstar.io.

Convertible Notes or SAFEs - these will be details of any convertible debts or SAFE notes you've issued to investors. 

Step 3: Submit for Review 🎊

Once you've built your cap table, you'll be able to Submit for Review on the overview page. Once you've submitted, our team will review your company's data and approve its verification. From there, you'll get to use all of the cool tools to build out your fundraise!

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