Building and launching your deal room on the Raise platform is simple.

There are two important steps. The first is to build out diligence data in your Deal Room for investors to see - this includes answering questions about your valuation. Next, once your Deal Room is ready, you can Submit it For Review and our team will give it a look before it goes live and launches to your investors!

Step 1: Build out your Valuation ✅

The current valuation of your company is important. It will help set the terms for your round and better understand what your company is currently worth - and what it could be worth in the future.

Everyone that signs up today gets a free valuation report, on us! 🎉 To claim your free valuation, fill out the product through your Deal Room.

Step 2: Automating your diligence checklist in the Deal Room 🏦

The first step to raising through the Deal Room feature on the Raise platform is to build out the diligence data in your deal room. We've collected the most important diligence points that most investors want to see on a startup at your stage. Our goal is to automate due diligence so you can focus on fundraising 🎉

Once you've filled those in, your deal room will be ready to launch and invite investors. Each diligence to fill out is contained in a Widget. To fill in each widget, follow the steps to edit and save data in each widget. Once saved, that new data would be available to investors. Each widget contains data you can fill in and then visualize for investors.

For example, here's the Financial Performance widget.

Some of these widgets are manual, while others are automated. For example, the cap table widget is automatically uploaded into your account. Othr widgets are a space for you to define your metrics, team and company as you want!

Here's a list of all of the widgets that help automate the diligence process.

  • Documents 📁
  • Team 🤸
  • Cap Table 📊
  • Incorporation & Legal Data ✅
  • Terms of the round 🤑
  • Round & investor simulator 💸
  • Use of proceeds ✨
  • Funding history 💰
  • Burn rate 📉

To fill out each widget, navigate to the Deal Room under the Fundraising tab and click on "Deal Room" in the tabs. From there at each widget, you can click on Edit to edit data in each widget and then Save to save the data. For example, here's how to fill out financial performance data.

Once you're done with filling out the Deal Room and valuation, you can simply Submit for Review.

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