We've wrapped up product updates for Q3 and want to share what's in store for you this year. Let's close out the year strong - and prepare for record-shattering growth in African tech in 2021 🚀

Keep scrolling to learn more about the new features and new superpowers for founders and investors.

What's new ⚡️

Fundraising is selling rights to a company. It's important for founders to understand the value of the company during due diligence. So, we built features to make it easier for you and your investors to understand the value of your company.

Build your startup's valuation 🎁

Understanding your company's value is crucial to building something that can scale like Paystack. Sharing your valuation and what are the key drivers behind it are crucial to a smoother fundraise. We'll share more about this tool in the coming weeks 📊

We launched a valuation tool so you can focus on telling your story to investors without having to worry about the terms and data behind it.

Raising money means a company is selling shares. It's crucial for anyone involved in a deal to understand what the company's incorporation & cap table looks like before and after a deal. But, it's hard to share and expensive to share legal data. Not anymore.

You can share (or hide) your cap table automatically in your deal room on Raise. This will be automatically loaded into your Deal Room from your Raise account. As well, the incorporation data of your company will be automatically uploaded to your investor Deal Room.

Track investor insights and analytics 👀

Fundraising is a negotiation. Understanding who is reading about your company and due diligence materials - empowers you with the knowledge to follow up and continue conversations.

We've released new features and improvements to track questions like:

Reward your team with stock awards 🏆

We've added traditional debt instruments to the Raise platform. You can now issue traditional debt and loan instruments against your cap table - and track interest by the minute.

Issue different stocks awards to your team:

  • Stock appreciation rights

  • Incentive and non-incentive stock options

  • Phantom stock units

  • Promised stock awards

The interest is calculated automatically and investors will be able to view their own interest growth over time.

You can now share your deal room link automatically with investors by copying and pasting it from your deal room. Learn more here.

Other Improvements 👏🏾

  • Easy file and document upload throughout the Platform with an addition of Dropbox.

  • Your Deal Rooms are cleaner and simpler now

  • Making it easier for Investors to sign the NDA

  • Change of language on the platform and better description of components.

  • You can now delete and remove stakeholders and users from your account

Bugs 🕷

Fixed: Adding of Company Milestones and Highlights

Fixed: Editing Company Stakeholder details

Fixed: Investor Insights shows an increase per week for the user

Fixed: Captable File Upload Issues and UI changes

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