What are keywords and how to choose them?

Keywords are what you type in search engines to look for websites and they can be one or more words. Optimizing your website for specific search terms is a crucial part of your strategy because it gives you control over who you can reach through your website. To identify your keywords, try to put yourself in your target audience’s shoes: if you were to look for companies that offer your service or product, what would you type in search engines?

During the onboarding, you will have to select a minimum of 5 keywords that describe your business in order to proceed to further steps.

If you are not happy with the keywords you selected, you can hover over the right side and you will be able to edit or delete your keyword. You can also do this once you have finished setting up your account.

If you need help choosing your keywords, rankingCoach can provide you with a suggestion of keywords based on your already chosen ones. You need to simply click on “Show suggested keywords”.

If you activate the button “Show keywords details” you will be able to see the difficulty of those keywords (in other words, their competition level) and their search volume.

At the beginning, we recommend selecting mostly “Low” keywords, and a few “Medium” ones. Once your rankings are good for the easy keywords, you’ll be able to go in the app and replace them with more and more difficult ones and work your way up to the top of SERP.

When looking at the search volume, keep in mind that it generally needs to be more than zero: if nobody types the keyword in search engines, even if your website ranks first for it, nobody will ever find you anyway. But also keep in mind the industry in which you operate: if you sell a very niche service or a seasonal product, don’t get too paranoid if the search volume is not too high.

However, do not limit yourself to our suggestions. It is there to help and it is a great start, but you know your company, your services, your market and, above all, your customers better than anyone. You have to find the right balance between a sensible level of competitivity and a respectable search volume. Don’t be afraid to use longer and more specific keywords, they might be your way to online success. 

As you might know by now, picking keywords is not an exact science, you might have to make adjustments in the future. You can add, delete or edit your keywords at any time in the “keyword section”. For each of them, we will show you the search volume, the level of competition and the current position of your website in Google. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support, we are happy to help you! 

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