Why track deals?

  • Receive email alerts 📧 when we find an exceptionally priced diamond within your search criteria

  • New diamonds are sold fast: be the first to know

Did you know you could also track specific diamonds 📈?

How to track deals?

First, fill in the exact parameters you are searching for in a Rare Carat Search.

Then hit the "Price Alerts" button (you will be asked to create a free account so we have your email).

Note: You can only track deals when there are under 500 search results. If your search parameters are too wide, there is no point in tracking deals because you would get drowned in email alerts.

How to unsubscribe from alerts?

Visit the My Stuff page 📊 where you can see all your saved searches, and unsubscribe from the corresponding alerts.

If you have further questions, contact us! The team is happy to help.

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