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πŸ’Ž How to run a free Diamond Report
πŸ’Ž How to run a free Diamond Report

Price estimate + Human gemologist review + Flaw analysis

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Why run a Rare Carat Report?

  • Get our automatic price estimate and deal score πŸ’²

  • Find out if the stone is also for sale on other websites 🌐 for cheaper

  • Know if your diamond is βœ”οΈgood or has ❌ hidden flaws

  • Get a free human gemologist review πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ

The report is totally free, and works even for diamonds you found on other websites.

How to run a report?

STEP 1️ : Β πŸ”Ž Find the GIA identification number of the diamondΒ 

  • This number is printed on the "GIA certificate", which is available on most diamond product pages

  • If you don't find the GIA number, just copy paste the URL, and our staff will try to find the number for you. Be careful that the link points to a specific stone, and not to a search results page with multiple stones on it.

STEP 2: πŸ“ Paste the GIA number in the Rare Carat Report page

  • If you click "Get Deal Rating", you can also paste the diamond price... The report will compare it with the estimated price, to tell you if the diamond is a β€œgood deal” or not. Read more here.

  • If you click "Get a free human gemologist review", a professional graduate gemologist from our staff will write an independent review. This is very useful to have when you are about to buy a stone! If you give us a link with images, that will help the gemologist analyze the stone.

STEP 3: Enjoy the free info! πŸŽ‰β€οΈ

  • If you want to add the "deal rating" or a "gemologist review", please go back to the form and run another report.

  • Feel free to chat with us using the bottom-right bubble, we're here to help!

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