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Diamond Inclusions | Knot
Diamond Inclusions | Knot

A guide to knots in diamonds and why we should avoid them

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Diamond knot shown on GIA certificate

Knot as represented on GIA report

What is a Knot?

A knot is a crystal inclusion that reaches the surface. They are really bad news and definitely something you should avoid if possible. The crystal isn't the problem, it's the fact that it's protruding out of the diamond that causes the issue. Not only are they often visible within the stone, they really impact the durability of the diamond. One good blow and you're going to end up with a chip, break or a really big cavity (hole). At the end of the day, go ahead and take a pass on that diamond with a knot'll be so thankful you did!

Pro Tip: When you're searching for a diamond, make sure to have the "meets all checks" box clicked. This will filter out any diamonds that have a knot.

Round diamond with a red circle around a black crystal reaching the surface
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