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What is SRT upload support?
What is SRT upload support?

Streamlining Your Dubbing Project: Uploading SRT Files for Translation and Transcription

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What is SRT upload feature?

There might be a situation where you work on your texts with a professional translator, and you don't need the assistance of AI in translation. Alternatively, you might have the transcript of your speech and don't want to spend time fixing some errors in the machine transcript. We understand this, and now we provide you with an opportunity to upload your proofread files of translation or transcript in SRT format instead of using automated translation.

How to use it?

Watch this video to learn how to use the SRT upload feature:

  1. Upload your video. Specify the target language for translation and upload your video via the link from YouTube or Google Drive, or directly from your local device.

  2. Once the video is ready, click on the special SRT symbol near the edit button and submit your SRT files for translation, transcription, or both.

  3. Click the "Dub Video" button to generate a voice-over for your translated video.

With the ability to upload your SRT files for translation and transcription, Rask is getting closer to delivering the quality of dubbing that you expect from professionals. Experience the power of technology as you effortlessly create multilingual content with just a few clicks.

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