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Video reviews: Filming a video review
Video reviews: Filming a video review

Things to note

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We do not currently have a mechanism or tool to record video from within the dashboard. 

You will need to use your own devices or tech to capture the video.

What should the video look and sound like?

To maximise the impact video reviews will have on engagement and leads, we recommend the following:

  • Keep the video short: 1-2 mins and no longer than that. 

  • Ensure the room or place the shoot is occurring is quiet to ensure the reviewer can be heard and understood.

  • Keep it real. Remember the primary purpose of a video review is to relay the experience with the agent, so avoiding unnecessary flair will ensure the consumer attention remains on the content they are there for. 

  • Agents may have the ability to add some production such as music or graphics but we strongly recommend these are kept to a minimum and serve as support to the content not over-powering.

Want to see some great examples? These are just a couple of the video reviews live on RateMyAgent right now!


Turn off ads

To maximise impact video reviews will have on engagement and leads we strongly encourage ads be turned off. 

Having ads on videos increases the chances of a visitor navigating away from the profile or review, thus losing a potential lead.

Ads also may discourage visitors from continuing to view or read content on profiles and reviews.                                    How to turn off adds

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