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Video Reviews: Troubleshooting and FAQs
Video Reviews: Troubleshooting and FAQs

Need a bit of extra help getting your videos posted or have some questions?

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Firstly, have you checked out these articles?


Are you seeing this playback error?

  • There is no validation on the link/URL on our site.

  • If an invalid link is input, it will likely generate this error.

  • Double check the share URL on the actual video on YouTube, copy and paste it back in and try again.

Check Video Privacy

  • Check the video is not set to private.

  • If an agent has logged into to their Google/Youtube account they might not realise the video cannot be played by viewers as it will display for themselves where ever the link appear, including the preview in dashboard.



Q. What video types or platforms do you support?

At the moment, we can provide a way to embed a YouTube video via the share link provided on the YouTube video. 

We plan to introduce support for more video platforms in future but cannot confirm which ones at this time.

Q. I have video reviews/testimonials, however they are not similar to what RateMyAgent has recommended. 

The tips RateMyAgent has provided are based on consumer research conducted to understand what content and formats they prefer to consume and would be of most benefit to their decision making process.

 We aim to be flexible in the early stages of this feature, so we won’t necessarily remove a video that isn’t similar to our guide. However please note that we may remove videos that are in absolutely no way related to the context of a review (vendor or buyer) or are in any other way irrelevant to the transaction.

Q. I have other videos I want to showcase on my profile, how do I do that?

At the moment you can upload one video to your general profile. We are exploring further options for Agents to feature multiple videos of various types on your profile and RateMyAgent will communicate this should we implement such functionality in future

Q. Do I need permission from the client to use the image?

Yes. You will need to have confirmed permission from the participants featured in the video. As per the RateMyAgent terms & conditions you agree that the client has expressed consent to you for this purpose. 

RateMyAgent will remove videos from profiles if permission has not been granted.

Q. Are video reviews available for agency subscriptions? 

At the moment video reviews are available only for Agent subscriptions starter and above (AU/NZ) and Pro (US). We will advise customers of any extension to the availability of video reviews should they occur.

Need more help? Contact Customer Support by using the chat feature in the bottom right corner or email us at

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