Multi-Reviews For Teams

How to request and receive one review that is attributed to both the team as a whole as well as one or many agent(s) in the team.

Updated over a week ago

Step 1: Log into your team profile to head to your Dashboard, select the Reviews tab then Request.

Step 2: Find the property you would like to request a review on and click Request Reviews. In this area, it will say requesting a review for your team and the primary agent.

  • Please Note: If you have not already confirmed your property result, you may need to do so. This guide will show you how, click here.

Step 3: Simply enter your client's contact details and write a message for your client if you like or you can click on Manage Templates to select one of your prefilled templates to send instead and then select if it is for the Seller or the Buyer.

You can also preview your message before you send it then once you've entered in all the details, click 'Request Review' for the review request to be sent off to your client's email address.

Step 4: Once the client replies to the review you will receive an email and the review will be posted on your team profile and the primary agent's profile.

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