What is the Review Sales Ratio?

Your Review Sales Ration helps you to win our awards - do you understand what it is?

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The Review Sales Ratio, or RSR for short, will give you an indication of how satisfied your customers are overall. For now, it won’t show on your public profiles for vendors to see. It’s for you to track your customer satisfaction.

Your RSR is the % of vendor reviews received relative to the number of properties sold.

Your RSR includes properties where you are the Lead or Supporting Agent.

For example:

10 properties sold with 10 vendor reviews received = RSR Score of 100%
10 properties with 5 vendor reviews = RSR Score of 50%
10 properties with 1 vendor review = RSR Score of 10%

This is a national score, you do not have an RSR score at a state, city or suburb level.

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