We recommend you set up a data-feed with RateMyAgent to ensure that your data is always up to date. However, there is the option to upload listings manually via the agency dashboard. This feature is mostly utilised in the event of an off-market transaction.

If you are not the Agency Admin, you will need to pass these instructions onto them.

Step 1: Go to Agency Dashboard and click Leasing

Step 2: Click into Listings from the left hand side menu and then Add Listing

Step 3: Fill in the Property Address (make sure you select it from the dropdown), and then click Next

Step 4: Select the Listing Status (For Lease or Leased) and then Next

Step 5: Add Images. You can select 1 image to be your Hero Image which will be the main image on the site, and you can also select a Floor Plan. Click Next

Step 6: Enter the Property Details (Numbers of Beds, Bath, etc.) and click Next

Step 7: Complete the Listing Details (Title, Description, Date etc.) and click Next.

Step 8: If the property has been leased, you will be prompted to complete the Lease Details. Fill in the fields and click Next

Step 9: Check over the information you have input. If incorrect, click Edit to amend. If correct, click Submit. Your listing has been added!

Please Note: Enterprise (leasing) is only available in Australia

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