Why are we telling you this?

  • Every "Not Recommended" review comes to us for approval before it goes live to check for inappropriate language and abusive content, thus we read them all and there are reoccurring themes.
  • We love to see people happy, so this is a short list that may help prevent negative reviews that occur over small things.
  • The majority of negative review are due to important reasons. The ones listed below are the other reasons that could be easily avoided.


  • As odd as it sounds, this is number one for buyers. It is the part of the transaction for them and they expect a little fanfare.
  • Not recommended review: "I went into the office and all I got was a single sad key from reception, the agent wasn't even there" 

Bottle of bubbly

  • This is a big one from both sides. Everyone has a friend that has bought or sold a house and has received a bottle of wine from the agent.
  • Not recommended review: "Everything with the sale went really well, but I didn't get a bottle of bubbly. How cheap"

Is there a difference between a buyer and vendor review?


  • It is important to get reviews from both the Buyer and Vendor to show your potential clients that you excel in Customer Service in all areas, however remember that when the house settles, the transaction ends for the Vendor. This is not the case in the eyes of the buyer as they continue to live in the house. 
  • When asking for a Buyer review, it is best to call them and make sure that there has not been any additional issues that may have been out of your control before requesting the review. They will love you for it, and it avoids unfair reviews being posted on your profile.
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