In some cases we may not publish a review on RateMyAgent. A review might get rejected because of one of the following.

  • abusive
  • containing inappropriate language
  • completely unrelated to an agent's professional practice
  • submitted by a competitor or related person
  • submitted by a person found to have had no professional dealings with the agent

You may be asking can I have a “bad” review removed?

The answer is unlikely. If the review is from a genuine client and doesn’t breach one of our policies it will stay on your profile. Click here to read why "bad" reviews might not necessarily be bad.

At the end of the day...

Keep letting those reviews come in. Consumers find your reviews highly valuable when selecting a real estate agent. Don’t sweat the small stuff, an occasional sub-five-star review is more than okay, nobody is perfect and all the more reason to aim for the stars next time. Instead, take the time to reply to your clients leaving a professional, articulate response. This may help your next client select you. Before you know it, you will have a full profile of reviews out in the world.

We are available to clarify any questions on your reviews, you can contact us at

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