What is a Listing Report?

To learn how to create a listing report, click here.

  • Your RateMyAgent profile showcases your most powerful points of difference as an agent, including rankings, sale stats and client reviews.
  • RateMyAgent Listing Reports allow you to easily draw upon your key profile information to tailor a report specific to a vendor and the property your pitching to list.
  • Listing Reports position you as a specialist for the job each and every time you present for a listing, leveraging your past performance and client feedback as front line listing tools.
  • A RateMyAgent Listing Report takes just minutes to create and offer a number of delivery methods including SMS, email and PDF download for printing.
  • Via SMS or email delivery, a tailored Listing Report can be in the hands of a vendor within minutes of first contact or meeting confirmation.

When can I create a listing report?

You can create a listing report only if you have a Professional or Enterprise Subscription, or if you are on the Free 30 day trial of the Standard Subscription. Listing Reports can only be created in an agent profile.

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