What is the Social Media Manager?

A Tool that takes the hassle out of Social Media by posting content for you!

Why should I set up the Social Media Manager?

  • Social Media is essential in today's business world, however for most it is the great unknown that takes a lot of time and effort to manage.
  • This is why we have created the Social Media Manager to handle this for you!

What does it do?

  • Once setup, it posts automatically to your social media platforms.
  • It will post new listings, sales, and most importantly reviews to Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter at a designated time each day.

When and what will the Social Media Manager post?

  • With our Social Media Manager, you have complete control over when your posts will be pushed to your elected social media platforms. 
  • Customise the time you would like to post in the schedule page and you're all set. We will only post one item, from the last 365 days at your scheduled time.
  • When using our Social Media Manager for an agency profile, your posts are chosen at random from your agency's recent data
  • This may mean that not all individuals' content is pushed through to the agency's social media as we only post once at your elected time

What about reviews I don't want made public?

  • If there are reviews that you do not wish to have posted (perhaps they are almost a year old or they are short reviews), you can choose to not have them published externally, in completed reviews.
  • "Not Recommended" reviews are not posted to your social media, and you can prevent any "Recommended" review that you are not happy with from being posted also. 
  • You are still in control!

Follow this guide to setup your social media manager

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