The benefits of having a Facebook business page over a personal page are extensive. We've outlined just a few below, in case you still need a little convincing.

Facebook Insights

Take advantage of Facebook's analytics tool. Track your business page's views, likes and reach.

Unlimited Friends

A personal page give you a cap of 5000 friends. A business page allows you to expand your audience endlessly.

Assign Admin roles

Keep your passwords private by assigning admin roles to colleagues. They can assist in maintaining your page without getting access to your personal details.

Newsfeed Marketing

When a Facebook user likes or follows your business page, this will appear on their friends' newsfeed. This gives you more online visibility and an opportunity to connect to new clients.

Facebook tabs

Build out your profile by adding tabs to your business page. Tabs allow you to add more content such as videos and newsletter opt ins.

Accessible even by non-Facebook users

Even if someone doesn't use Facebook, they still might be searching online for you! Your business page can be viewed by both active and non-Facebook users.

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