If you are currently on our Starter or Professional subscription, you will have access to our social media manager.

To manually post a review to social media, you will need to make sure you have linked your social media to your Rate My Agent profile - click here to learn how.

There are two ways that you can manually share your review.

From your agent/agency dashboard

  1. To promote a review manually, simply select reviews (1) from the drop down dashboard followed by the completed reviews (2) tab and click post (3).

2. You will have the option to select which channel you would like the review posted to.

From your agent/agency profile

Step 1. From your agent profile, select the share icon on the review you'd like to share

Step 2. Choose to share onto your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn

Step 3. You'll then be able to follow the regular prompts from either social network to share your content! 🥳

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