Our Listing Reports are available to both agents and agencies on our Professional and Enterprise subscriptions. A pre-listing tool collating your sales and leasing stats, Listing Reports will get you ahead of your competition. Not only are they easy to make, sharing is a breeze with our SMS, Email or Download options.

Step 1: Log into your profile and select Listing Reports from the drop down menu in the top right hand corner

Step 2: Click New Report

Step 3: Fill in the property details of your potential listing, along with the client's contact details. To send the report to multiple people, add additional contacts by clicking Add Another Contact.  You can also choose to include agent/agency statistics. Hit Next

Step 4: Click to select up to 6 personal rankings or agency rankings. Hit Next

Step 5: Click to select up to 10 comparable sales. Hit Next.

Comparable sales are similar sold properties in surrounding areas. Adding these to your report can give your potential client a forecast on potential sale prices for their property.

Step 6: Click to select up to 10 reviews. Hit Preview Report

Step 8: Look over your report preview and click Publish to confirm

Step 9: Once published, choose how to distribute your report. SMS, email or download to print.

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