Why would you want to reply to a review?

You may wish to thank your client for their positive feedback.
Alternatively, if you receive a negative review it is often a good idea to put up a public reply which then gives your prospective vendors more information.

Can the vendor or buyer reply?

No. Only you can reply to a review, and you can only reply once. Your reply will be public and will appear under the original review. Once you have replied, the vendor/ buyer cannot change their review (although they can always ask to have the review, and thus reply, removed entirely). This ensures your reply makes sense in relation to the review.

My reviewer is anonymous, can I mention them by name in my reply?

No. If your reviewer has checked the 'Anonymous' tick box when submitting their review (you will know this by there not being a name listing on the public facing side of the platform) you cannot under any circumstance mention them by name in your reply. If you do, RMA will remove this from your response with, or without, notifying you.

This was a conjunctional sale, can I mention the other agent/agency in my response?

No. You cannot mention the other agent or agency by name, this is not a review about them as it is not on their profile.

How do you reply?

Step 1: Login to RateMyAgent and click on your name, then Reviews 

Step 2: Click on Completed Reviews, and then Reply

Step 3: Type your reply, then click Add Reply

The client will be sent an email to let them know that you have replied to their review.

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