Creating a Facebook page to promote your business across social media is easy. In order to create a business page you will need to already have a Facebook page set up. You will then be able to manage both your pages from the one login.

Step 1: Log into your Facebook page and click the Create button from the top toolbar

Step 2: Select what you are creating. In this case, select Page

Step 3: Select Get Started underneath the Business or brand heading

Step 4: Fill in the fields. Create a page name, choose a category and enter the street address. There is an option to hide your address from your public page. Once complete, click Continue

Step 5: Add a profile picture

Step 6: Add a cover photo

Step 7: Your page is up and running! Now you can start inviting friends to build your audience and setting up your RateMyAgent Social Media Manager to bulk up your page!

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