Admin Access grants you control of your agency profile. With Admin Access, you will be able to request reviews for the team, update the agency's branding and profile information, add and remove agents from the agency, add listings manually and grant Admin Access to other users.

For our Enterprise subscribers, having Admin Access also allows you to assemble your leasing team, request leasing reviews and add your leasing listings.

Please note, a user with Admin Access cannot edit an individual agent's profile. This can only be done by signing in as the agent.

Requesting Reviews

By signing in as the agency, you can request reviews on behalf of the agents from a central location.

How to request sales reviews

Updating Your Agency Profile

Keeping your agency profile current makes it easy for potential clients to reach you.

How to update your agency profile information

How to update profile branding

Adding Agents To Your Agency

Admin Access allows you to manage your Sales team. Add and remove team members and prompt agents that have not claimed their profile yet.

How to add and remove team members

Adding Listings Manually

Add off market transactions to the agency profile so you can request reviews even faster!

How to add sales listings manually

Removing Admin Access

Grant Admin Access to other team members or remove access that don't require it.

How to add and remove Admin Access

Enterprise Subscribers

Our Enterprise subscription enables agencies to showcase their leasing activity.

How to add leasing listings manually 

How to request leasing reviews

How to add a leasing team member

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