By adding agent/agency profile images, you profile will look more polished, personalised and professional. Follow the steps below to get your profile looking its best!

Please note: your profile images or branding will only appear on your public profile if you are on our Starter, Professional or Enterprise subscription.

Click on your Agent/Agency Dashboard, then Edit Profile

You can then update the following 3 images.

If you are on an agency subscription, your banner and background image are controlled from the agency profile. If you are on an agent subscription, you have control over all branding.

  1. Banner image- this will appear in the scrolling review section of the suburb profile. Put in your company logo or company name. Best size is 377 x 70 pixels

You will also be able to edit the text colour and background colour that accompanies your Banner Image. Use the Colour picker to choose colours that complement or match your branding.

2. Cover Image- this will appear as the main backdrop for your profile. Either use an image from your company or a nice landscape. Best size is 1500 x 330 pixels

3. Profile Picture- This is the centrepiece where you display your finest picture of yourself (agent) or the agency logo (agency). Best size is 360 x 360 pixels

You will also be able to crop the image and use the zoom feature to get the ideal image

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