In order to change the agents attached to a listing, you will need to be logged into an office profile. Follow the steps below to edit the agents on your listings.

Agent sales rankings on RMA are based on an agent's activity as a Listing Agent only. For that reason, it is important to ensure that Lead and Supporting Agent classifications are correct for each property listing.

Please note: These changes can only be done to unconfirmed listings. If you need to amend the agents attached to a confirmed listing, send through an enquiry to our Support Team here. Make sure to include the listing you want to edit and the agents involved.

Step 1: Log into your agency profile and click onto the Properties tab. This will open up and then select Sales to see your office listings.

Step 2: Click the Unconfirmed tab to locate the listing you would like to add agents to. Hit the ... button, followed by Change Agents

Step 3: Search the agent you would like to add as a lead or supporting agent. Select the agent and then Update Agents.

Sometimes Support requires evidence before we are able to change listed agents, we appreciate your cooperation on this.

To contact Support, chat with us using the feature in the bottom right corner of the screen, or email us at

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