Some clients wish to submit an anonymous review, which is okay. 

Keep in mind that when they leave the review, it will display that they are the buyer or vendor of a specific property so they will not be 100% anonymous. 

When leaving their review, they can create a username, their username is the only detail of theirs that will be displayed on our website.
Underneath there is a box to select whether they would like to submit their review as anonymous. If they select anonymous, their review will say that it was submitted by anonymous and the username will not be displayed.

Please note: if client has not selected to be anonymous but wishes to be after the review is posted, they can login using their details that they created at the completion of the review submission and change their username to anonymous.

If the client did not create a login when they submitted their review, they will need to contact our Support team to change their user to anonymous. They should look for the icon in the bottom right corner and chat live to our team.

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