Sold or bought a house within the last 12 months?

Firstly, congratulations! Now, it's time to review your real estate agent. 

There are 3 ways to get a review on RateMyAgent:

  1. Your real estate agent sends you an invitation

  2. Your real estate agent uploads a review you've already written, and you verify it

  3. You review your agent via their profile

This guide is going to show you how to do # 3

Step 1: Find your agent

Step 2: Start the review process

Select the "Review Agent" button on your agent's profile

Step 3: Verify your address

Search for the property you sold or purchased. If it was sold or bought more than 12 months ago you will not be able to leave a review at this stage

Step 4: Were you the buyer or seller?

Let us know if you were the buyer or seller for this property 

Step 5: Enter your details

Provide your first and last name as well as a valid email address

Step 6: Verify yourself

We'll send an email to your nominated email address to continue the review process

Step 7: Check your email

You'll receive an email that looks like below. Select Write your review

Step 8: Write your review

The rest is easy... mostly! It can be tricky to leave a review. Remember to be honest when sharing your experiences to help the next person in their decision!

To maintain the validity of the content on RateMyAgent, reviews are only permitted from people directly involved in a property transaction with an agent.

This prevents anonymous reviews, for example agents reviewing other agents.

At this stage RateMyAgent does not allow vendors who failed to sell a property to leave a review. This is due to issues around verifying the review by linking it to a sale transaction. We are working on ways to solve this problem and hope to add this feature at a future date.

Each review submitted to RateMyAgent is linked to the unique property transaction it relates to. So when you’re researching an agent you can be 100% sure you're reading verified comments from genuine customers.

In addition to reviews from their buyers and vendors, an agency on our Enterprise subscription will have the ability to request reviews from their landlords and tenants.

Please note: reviews that solely mention another agent (other than the one listed on the profile) will be moved the agent mentioned without warning.

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