I’m trying to connect to our Google My Business account but it’s saying a connection couldn’t be established

Check that the Google My Business account is verified. Unverified accounts won’t be able to access Google My Business features such as posts, upload photos, or reply to client reviews and messages.

Simply log into your Google My Business dashboard. Accounts pending verification will be highlighted orange and require you to enter a verification code.

Check that you are connecting to a Google My Business account and not a personal gmail account. To check the type of account you are logged into, click on the Google icon in the top right hand corner. This will display the current Google account you are signed into including all Google accounts. 

The Google My Business dashboard says ‘Pending Verification’ - how do I verify?

For most businesses, verification means requesting a postcard, receiving, and entering a verification code from Google. Verification postcards can take up to 30 calendar days to receive. Learn more about the verification process here

Still experiencing issues establishing a connection?

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