I’m trying to connect to my Google My Business account but it’s saying my location couldn't load

This type of error usually relates to the account address set up or account login details itself.

  • Check that you are using the correct Google login and not logging in with a personal Google account.

  • By default, Google My Business will sign up with the last Gmail account you signed in to.

  • Click on your Google icon to easily switch between personal and Google My Business accounts.

  • Google is very strict on physical addresses matching so if the Google My Business address in your dashboard does not match the Google My Business panel, this can cause location errors.

  • To ensure both addresses match, simply click 'Suggest an edit' in the Google My Business panel and update the address details to match your dashboard location.

    Please note, the difference could be small, an extra comma/space, or a slight change in spelling, it needs to be a 100% match for Google to allow the connection.

  • From there you will need to click "Change Name or Other Details"

  • Lastly, you will need to update the "Address" section of you Google Business page

  • Please ensure that you allow a few days for this to update before trying to link to your Google My Business account again.

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