You and your office can set up has Ask for Reviews if you are on the right subscription which will allow you to get your RateMyAgent reviews onto your Facebook/Google Reviews. Great!

We do all we can to get all of your reviews across to the star-ratings on your Facebook and Google.

When a client leaves a review, we prompt the clients and give them the steps to get their reviews transferred over. We cannot post the reviews on behalf of clients on other sites due to privacy reasons so this is not automatic (we wish it was!) This has to be done by the reviewer.

We send the reviewer an email about this but it's a good idea to ask your clients in the review request to do this, or send them a text message at the time of the review request so they complete this step at the end.

This is your end result! Real reviews on Google.


This is where the reviews will show on your Facebook Business page.

If you have any questions please email

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