Every year after the results are released we get a barrage of requests asking us to explain why certain agents or agencies did not win an award. Below are some of the common questions we get.

  • I have more Vendor reviews than the winner, so why didn’t I win?

While reviews are important in boosting your Review/Sales Ratio (RSR) and a minimum of 5 per suburb are required to be eligible, the total number of reviews IS NOT one of the metrics used to calculate your awards score.

  • I sold twice as much as the winner. If sales are a part of the awards why didn't I win?

The awards for 2022 take into account; the average sales value, properties sold and your Review/Sales Ratio (% of vendor reviews received relative to the number of properties sold). Selling a lot of properties is not a guaranteed win, we are a reviews platform, and customer satisfaction is a huge priority!

  • Why wasn't there an award for my suburb?

To be eligible for an award in a suburb you must have at least 5 sales with a unique vendor review on each of those 5 properties within that suburb during 2022. If no agents/agencies in a suburb met this minimum requirement, an award will not be issued for that suburb.

Please note, if you received a vendor review in 2022 on a property you sold in 2021, this review DOES NOT count towards the minimum eligibility requirements.

  • Why didn't our Agency qualify for our Leasing suburb?

You must have at least 5 unique Landlord reviews in a suburb in order to be eligible for that suburb. These reviews can be collected across the 2021 and 2022 calendar years.

  • I'm at the top of the rankings, but I didn't win an award, why not?

Rankings and awards are inherently different. Rankings show your sold properties, unique buyer or vendor reviews and average sale price in the area you search in and can be filtered by any of these 3 metrics from the available dropdown. Rankings do not measure you on all 3 of these metrics at the same time and each metric runs on its own 365-day rolling period which means the stats update individually and on a daily basis.

Awards are based on sold properties, your Review/Sales Ratio (RSR) and your average sales price. We take these 3 metrics and combine them to produce an overall awards score to rank you against other agents. The statistics we use are based on your sales from the 2022 calendar year only and you were able to collect reviews up until 11:59 pm AEDT 3rd of January 2023 to help increase your RSR for this period.

As there is a difference in the metrics used, the time period looked at and how we calculate the score, this means that it's possible for an award winner to not be at the top of rankings in a set area.

  • Our agent won Agent of the Year so why didn't we win the Agency of the Year?

The same metrics are used to calculate the Agency of the Year awards but rather, combine the total properties sold, average sales value and RSR's of each agent within your agency. All of your agents need to be as active as possible to get a win as those with low RSR's will bring down your Agency average.

  • Why wasn't I nominated for Rising Star?

The rising star nominations are the top-ranked agents nationally based on the same key metrics, properties sold, average sales value and RSR. The only difference is you must have listed your first property within the last 3 years (1/1/2020-31/12/2022). If you were not nominated for a rising star award, unfortunately, this means your overall score was lower than those we have listed based on these 3 metrics.

Once the results are released, they are final and will not change.

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