The verify later option will allow you to verify your existing reviews at another time.

This is also a great solution for your clients who do not have an email address but you wish to get the review online.

Your reviews will show as unverified until you go back at another time to request but can be used in our marketing tools prior to verification! (If you are unfamiliar with the Post Existing Review feature please Click Here to learn more)

Step 1: Login to your profile and select the Reviews Tab on the left hand side of your profile.

Step 2: Select the Pending tab

Step 3: Locate the property you wish to verify and click the Verify Now button

Step 4: Input your client's contact information and write them a message letting them know they are simply verifying your review and not re-writing it and click Send Verification

Congratulations! You have now sent a quick and easy email to your client so they can verify your review in just a few clicks with no account creation required!

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