What is RateMyAgent?

RateMyAgent.com is a digital marketing platform built for great agents to harness the power of verified reviews to validate, differentiate and grow business. From the free Basic profile that brings all existing and new reviews together to create a comprehensive view to the robust Digital Pro subscription that brings those well-earned verified reviews to life through targeted online ads, listing reports that highlight great reviews near the property address, and unique landing pages for each review to improve SEO and expand that ever-important digital footprint. Tied directly to the real estate transaction, their reputation and relationships, agents can finally focus on serving their clients well, knowing the effort will be rewarded and will provide powerful content based on 3rd party social proof to grow future business.

What are the Agent of the Year Awards?

RateMyAgent understands what a review actually embodies--your hard work, long hours, heart, and soul, all for the sake of serving your clients well. Now, there is finally a way to collectively raise the bar in real estate and celebrate the agents who make our industry better. In the past, awards recognized dollars and numbers, but we want to honour excellence. In the spring of 2018, real estate influencers, innovators and leaders gathered together in Palm Springs to create a manifesto called The Parker Principles on how to change the industry. We believe these ideals are captured in RateMyAgent’s Agent of the Year Awards.

The process is simple. Deliver excellence. Focus on the client experience. Raise the quality of customer service. Your effort, captured in a RateMyAgent verified review, which is tied directly to the transaction for authenticity, is your entry ticket. No fees, no lengthy application process, no nominations. We know your effort should be focused on your clients.

Claim your free profile and request your verified reviews today. All reviews for consideration need to be received by 11.59 pm PST on the 3rd of January 2023 for property transactions throughout 2022. This is how we will be undisruptable together.

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General Awards FAQs

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