With the 2023 Agent of the Year Awards just around the corner, RateMyAgent has just released the Awards Leaderboard!

This is a running tally of who's on top in each City and County and will show your qualifying areas based on the properties you have transacted.

This relates directly to the three metrics we use to calculate the awards which are:

  • Total sold properties in 2022

  • Total verified reviews in 2022

  • Review/Sales Ratio (RSR) for the last 12 months: this is the percentage of properties transacted that have at least one positive review attached to them across the whole platform at a National level. This is your RSR across the whole platform which includes all transactions across suburbs, cities and states and can be viewed in your dashboard. We DO NOT have city/country level RSR's.

To qualify for a city or county award, you must have transacted at least 5 properties for the buyer or seller and received at least 5 unique reviews in that area in 2022. (This is for each city or county)

If you have qualified in the city or county you will be ranked and appear as shown in the below screenshot.

If you have the minimum number of sales required to qualify and have not collected enough reviews, you will not be ranked. However, you will be shown underneath the ranked agents with a prompt to collect reviews! The 'Get Reviews' buttons will take you directly to the review opportunities for that city or county.

If no agent has met the minimum entry requirements but has enough sales to qualify, the leaderboard will appear like this for all agents who could potentially qualify. The 'Get Reviews' buttons will take you directly to your opportunities for the city or county you are currently viewing.

NOTE: Teams and users who represent themselves as more than one person on their profile are not eligible to participate in the awards and will not be listed on the leaderboard.

You need to be in it to win it! Find out how to win here!

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