In order to edit the images attached to a listing, you will need to be logged into an office or agent profile. Following the steps below will allow you to make these changes.

Please note: These changes can only be done to Sold listings. If you need to amend the agents attached to a confirmed listing, send through an enquiry to our Support Team.

Further, any listings in your Active Properties, can only be edited by removing them from the listing through your CRM and then pushing the listing through to us again.

Step 1:
Agent: Log into your profile and click onto the 'My Properties' tab for an agent's listings then click on 'Sold' tab
Agency: Log into office profile and click on 'Properties' then 'Sales' to be able to select the 'Sold' tab

Step 2: Search up the property that you want to add an image to and click on the 3 dots in line with the property that you would like to edit the images on, then select 'Edit Images' from the dropdown.

Step 3: To remove images, click the 'rubbish bin icon' on the top left hand corner of the image, or to add images, click on the 'empty image' slot to upload, or drag an image into the empty slot. Once you've uploaded the image you want, click 'Save Images'

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