When you have Linked your Google My Business on a professional account you will not only be generating content for the posts section of your Google My Business but prompting clients to easily leave a review at the same time! Please see the video below for the client's view of a Google Prompt)

While this is not automatic it is not going to get any easier for them! (please see the video below on what this will look like from your client's end)

During your review request, it is a great idea to let your client know they will be asked to easily copy their review and then be taken directly to your Google Reviews. This lets them know to keep an eye out and will also let them know how important it is to your business. You can let them know they will not have to rewrite anything and will be asked to just paste their review!

Here is an example: "After you have submitted your review, at the end it will ask you to do one more step to repost to Google. You will not need to re-write it, your review will be automatically copied, all you have to do is re-post it to Google. This extra step would be so appreciated, as Google is very important to my business. Thank you!"

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