As well as directly contacting interns, you can also post an internship. This will go out to interns with relevant skills, who can then register their interest.

To get started, go to your dashboard and search for the role type and skills you're after. Then, click on Create Internship.

Give a quick description of your organisation e.g. agency, insurance, and a little bit about the type of internship. For example, will it be design focused or it is based on a particular project? You can also enter when the internship will start, how long it will be for and the pay rate.

Click Create this Internship! to post your internship. 

You can check your dashboard to see the internships you have live at the moment and the interns that are interested. Click on the internship to look at the interested interns.

You can then have a look through and get in touch with any interns you like the look of. 

Once you've found an intern, remember to close the internship by clicking Close this!

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