Please follow these steps to add tags or lists to your favorite influencers:

1. Click on "Influencers" in the global Reachbird menu - from now on you are able to use our powerful influencer search engine without creating a campaign.

2. On each influencer profile you´ll find a little plus icon - clicking on this icon enables you to type in customized tags for each influencer.

3. On top of our filter options, you will find a tag icon where you get forwarded to your defined tags. From here you are also able to create general tags using the "Create a new tag" field. 

4. Click now on the tags you would like to show the influencers for. You are also able to combine different tags to show a higher number of influencers. 

Here are some ideas how you could use our tagging feature:

  • Customized tags for specific topics
  • Favorite influencer lists
  • Predefined campaign lists
  • Create your individual influencer database
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