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Our new audience analytics feature allows you to analyze not just the influencer, but also its followers in detail. This feature empowers you to identify the right influencers with the most relevant target audience for your product, campaign or brand. Unlike any other analytics platforms, we offer you the most accurate data measuring only the active audience (liking, commenting influencer content) to help combat fraud and social bots. 

Reachbird provides you with audience data insights of any Instagram influencer, your brand account or competitor accounts. The data is updated on a monthly basis. 

1. Demographic insights

  • Audience gender (Male / Female)

  • Age gender split (13-17, 18-24 etc.)

  • Audience country (Germany, Austria, Italy etc.)

  • Audience city (Munich, Vienna, Milan etc.)

  • Audience language (German, English, Spanish etc.)

2. Psychographic insights

  • Influencer brand affinity (Lamborghini, Philips, Spotify etc.)

  • Audience brand affinity (Starbucks, Porsche, Nike)

  • Audience interests (Activeware, Cars & Motorbikes, Clothes etc.)

Even more analytics options!!!
In our "Analytics" section you will also find the possibility to analyze:

  • Your brand accounts

  • Your competitors

  • Any other influencer account which you can´t directly find on Reachbird

How does this new feature help me?
With the help of in-depth audience analytics, Reachbird empowers you to spend your budget on influencers that truly reach your target group. With this new feature, you can minimize the spreading loss of your marketing campaigns and invest your money in the most relevant influencers. 

Check out a free influencer analysis in our 7 days trial version:

If you have any questions regarding our audience analytics feature, please drop us a line here: social@reachbird.io

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