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Top commenter feature enables you to identify the most engaging followers for a given Instagram account.
Top commenter feature is helpful when:

  • Identifying potential influencers that are already engaging with your brand account.

  • Looking to grow your influencer database in line with your existing influencer network. Identifying influencers who are commenting the accounts of influencers you work with.

  • Identify bot accounts that are automatically commenting your account.  

You can find the "top commenter" section in every influencer profile. Click on "details" or in your personal "analytics" section for every connected Instagram account. 

Top commenter feature contains top 12 commenters for the given Instagram account. Reach, amount of comments and a direct link to the Instagram account or the Reachbird profile of the comenteer is available in the same view.

Identify potential influencers

Find new and potential influencers by analyzing your follower base.
Example below shows an influencer with 2,2k reach who is engaging with your account. If the influencer is already registered on Reachbird, you will be able to see their profile analytics by clicking "view". Otherwise, you will get forwarded to their Instagram account. 

You can identify new influencers through an influencer from your portfolio using the same logic. 

Identify bot accounts

When analyzing your top commenters, keep an eye on potential "fake" accounts.
The example below will help you identify such accounts.
Circled account below commented 44 times, with no other activities. Clicking out to their profile, you can notice that the account has no posts of followers but is following over 900 people and actively commenting.

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If you have questions regarding our audience analytics feature, don't hesitate to reach out on social@reachbird.io.

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