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It is time to bring your influencer campaign reportings to the next level! From now on you will have access to our "Live Analytics" feature. This means access to live campaign analytics as soon as the first post of your influencers gets published. On top of that we enable you to manually connect single postings from Instagram to your campaign reporting. Here is how this feature may help you:

  1. Get temporary reportings and analyze if you need to adjust your campaign
  2. Analyze which influencers are performing well and directly expand your campaign by requesting more actions from them
  3. Missing campaign postings can be added very easy manually with just one click. All data gets added to your general reporting. So no need of counting likes and comments anymore :)   

To be able to enter your Live Analytics you need at least one active campaign with at least one post published. To enter your Live Analytics just click "Live Analytics" in your campaign dashboard.  

From there you get forwarded to your campaign reporting of your active campaign as this example below shows. All data is updated and refreshed every 30 minutes

If you would like to add additional Instagram postings to your reporting just scroll down to your "Participated Influencers" section and paste your Instagram posting link (e.g. https://www.instagram.com/p/BiouDuyHHis/?taken-by=reachbird) into the provided URL field and hit "Add manual action". After a few seconds the post including all analytics like reach, comments, sentiment etc. are added to your posting section "Manual actions" as well as to your general reporting. 

If you have any questions regarding our Live Analytics feature, please drop us a line here: social@reachbird.io

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