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Reachbird has a new feature that allows you to share lists of selected influencers faster, easier and more efficiently.

Here are the advantages this feature offers you: 

  1. The new sharing link enables a faster exchange between campaign management and customers.
  2. Furthermore, the duration of the influencer selection is reduced, since it is no longer necessary to create an Excel list.
  3. Through the sharing link, the campaign management also obtains faster feedback regarding the selected influencers.

You can create the "Sharing Link" as follows:

1.  Step: Go into your account, click on "Influencers" and then on the "tag symbol". 

2.  Step: Create a new tag to mark your selected influencers. 

3.  Step: Once you have selected and marked your requested influencers, search for the tag you have created and click on the "Sharing symbol". 

4.  Step: Go to "Create Share Link" and name your link. Additionally you have the possibility to save the list including or excluding "Prices". Then click on "Save Settings" to create the link. 

5.  Step: Click on the icon  "Share Link"  to save the link in your clipboard. 

6.  Step: Send the link via Mail, Slack, ect. to a person.
The following figure shows the content of your created link, from the point of view of the link recipient.
Attention: Everyone with the link can access the content!

If you have questions regarding our "Shareing Link" feature, don't hesitate to reach out on social@reachbird.io.

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