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Under the menu item "Your Campaigns" you will land directly in your campaign manager. This will give you an overview of all campaigns on Reachbird. We differentiate between the following campaigns:

  • Invitations: This includes all campaign invitations. You have 72 hours to accept or reject all invitations.
  • Waiting for campaign approval: As soon as you accept a campaign or make a counter offer, the campaign will be set to this status.
  • Active: All of your active campaigns are under Active status.
  • Finished: Once you complete a campaign, it will be set to Finished.
  • Expired: If you did not respond to your invitation after 48 hours, your campaign will be set to Expired. 

IMPORTANT: Failure to respond to a campaign invitation will reduce the chance of a new campaign. Out of respect for the customer, we ask you, even when you are not interested, to give this short feedback.

Campaign Information

The campaign view includes the following information:

  • Name & Client: Here you see the name of the client
  • Platforms: Here you can see on which platform the campaign will take place
  • Posts: Here you can see the number of actions requested
  • Earnings: Here you can see the exact listing of your earnings including all service fees
  • Status: The status shows you the current information of the campaign

Click on "View" to get into the campaign view for more information.

Campaign View

If you fold out the campaign you can find all details about the campaign. In the upper area you can see the "Basic Info" and in the lower area the "Chat". In the "General" chat you'll find all the communication between the advertiser, Reachbird and yourself.

Below you see the "Campaign Information" here you'll find all Informations about the campaign like campaign briefing, mentions and hashtags.

Below that you see all the content pieces sorted by status (Pending, Accepted, Finished). You can also see the individual payouts and in orange your next todo for this specific action.

If a customer writes you a personal message, you will find it in the "Chat" area.


In the "General" chat you'll find all messages regarding the campaign. The chat offers you the opportunity to be in direct contact with the client. So use the opportunity to ask questions or interact.

But every action has its own chat. So that you can ask questions about a specific content piece. You can also use the tags in the "General" chat to tell the advertise about which action you're writing. If you or the advertiser have send a message with a tag it will be visible in the general chat, but also in the chat for the action. If you click the tag in the general chat it will automatically direct you to the action the message was about. Hint: You can tag more than one action

How to handle a campaign professionally on Reachbird, we explain here.

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