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Upon successful registration on Reachbird, you will be taken to your Reachbird Dashboard. The following article will introduce you to all features.

1. Structure of the platform

We have built our platform, so that you have everything in one place. At the left you will find the menu including all areas that we provide to you as an influencer. So you can easily navigate to the individual areas. In the following we will briefly introduce the individual areas:

Reachbird Account Status
At the beginning of the menu you always see your "Reachbird Account Status". This is shown in percent and shows you how professional you have filled out your profile so far. The higher the status of the account, the more likely you are to receive cooperation requests from brands. So try to fill out your profile on Reachbird as detailed as possible.

The Dashboard will give you a direct overview of all activities on Reachbird, your account performance and also valuable content. The dashboard contains the following areas:

1. Account Fitness
Account Fitness is designed to help you compare your current performance on Instagram, YouTube or Blog (assuming you have these accounts connected) with all Reachbird registered influencers (approximately 30,000). Each widget includes a "Compared to Reachbird" measure and a section that tells you if you're better or worse than the average on Reachbird.

2. Your Hall of Fame
Your Hall of Fame include your best posts and videos including all engagement rates and number of comments and likes.

3. Similar Posts
You're curious who else is logged in to Reachbird? As a weekly inspiration, posts from similar Reachbird influencers are suggested to you.

4. Latest News
In the last section you will find blog posts with tips and tricks on how to improve yourself on social media.

Profile Details

Click on "Profile Details" to tell us more about yourself. A detailed description of your person increases the likelihood of receiving a cooperation request. More information about a good profile description can be found here.

Social Accounts

Under the menu item "Social Accounts" you can connect all your social media accounts. The more accounts you have connected, the more likely it is to get a cooperation request. In this article we explain how you can connect your social media accounts to Reachbird.

Your Campaigns

All your campaign requests can be found under the menu item "Your Campaigns". This article explains what you should do in a campaign invitation.


All your earnings, credit notes and outstanding payouts can be found in the menu item "Payments". Read this article how payment works on Reachbird.


In order to keep your activities on Instagram and YouTube under control, we provide you with valuable insights about your accounts under the menu item "Statistics".


Under "Settings" you can deposit all the information necessary for a smooth transaction on Reachbird.

IMPORTANT! Be sure to include your correct bank details and shipping address so there are no problems with payment and shipping of products!

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