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Under the menu item "Profile Details" you can enter more information about yourself. A detailed description of your person increases the likelihood of receiving a cooperation request.

IMPORTANT: All information given in this section can be viewed by our customers.

1. About Me

Write a short text about yourself and what makes you special as an influencer or content creator. There are no limits to your creativity. It is always helpful to bring a personal touch. Therefore, do not use any standard formulations :) Please do not forget to save your text under "Save".

2. Yes/No questions

In addition, we have put the most important questions from customers in a yes / no format. Please answer us, if you have a driver's license, if you are married or if you are open to requests from NGOs.

3. Interests, skills and references

For many campaigns, the interests, skills and references of an influencer play a crucial role.

  • Interests: Show potential customers how versatile you are. Your interests show how much you fit in with the campaign or the values of the company.

  • Skills: Here you can show the customer what else you have on it. Whether sports, technical skills or other talents. Skills like Photoshop, writing etc. can make the difference.

  • References: As in any other business, previous references play an important role in showing experience.

  • Favorite brands: Do you know brands that you would like to work with? Then share it with us and we'll keep an eye on it :)

  • Extra Information: This section also gives you the opportunity to view current information such as travel planning etc. to share

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