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In order for potential customers to find you on Reachbird, you must have at least one social media account connected to Reachbird. The more accounts you have, the more likely you will get cooperation requests. To connect an account, please click on the menu item "Social Accounts".

1. Instagram Account

In order to connect your Instagram account on Reachbird, you have to click on "Connect Instagram" in the first step.

Then you have to enter your Instagram name (without @) and click on "Next".

Now that you've entered your Instagram name, you'll need to verify your Instagram account. That way, we can make sure no one else uses your Instagram account.

How to verify your Instagram account:

  • Copy the hashtag generated by us and write it in the description of your last post on Instagram. Do not forget to save the post again.

  • Then click on "Verify".

  • That's it! Now you can delete the hashtag from your post.

After verifying your Instagram account, you can define your desired price.

Enter your desired base price for an action on Instagram (e.g., post, story, video, etc.) on "My Payout".

You do not know how much you should ask for?
As a guide, you can expect a CPM (Cost Per Mille) between 5-10 €. For an Instagram account of e.g. 10.000 followers and a CPM of 5 €, you can expect a payout of 50 € (10,000 / 1,000 X 5 €).

The price displayed to customers on Reachbird is called "Total Price". If you want to negotiate the price with a customer in the campaign process, ALWAYS talk about the "Total Price".

The difference between the two prices is the Reachbird's Service & Agency Fee (15%), which will only be charged in case of a successful cooperation mediation. 

Now you just have to click on "Save" and you have successfully connected your Instagram account.

2. YouTube

Click "Connect YouTube" to link your YouTube account. Then you will be redirected directly to the Google login where you can select and verify your YouTube account.

After verification, you can set your price per video (see Instagram) and then click on "Save".

3. Blog

Click on "Connect Blog" to link your blog. Then you have to enter your blog URL and click on "Next".

Now that you've entered your blog URL, you'll need to verify your blog. That way, we can make sure no one else uses your blog. The verification is similar to your Instagram account (see Instagram), except that you include the hashtag in your last blog post. Then click on "Verify".

Then you can also set the price of a blog post.

4. Pinterest-Account

The instructions on how to link your Pinterest account can be found here:

If you have any questions please don´t hesitate to contact our Support at social@reachbird.io. 

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